Google Glass: Google’s New Invention

Google Glass- Google’s New Invention

Google Glass: Google’s New Invention

Google glass is considered as a wearable computer. The technology used here is OHMD i.e. optical head mounted display. In OHMD technology an optical mixer is used, which is able to project images. The wearer of this glass can watch the projected images just like computer. This wearable computer has been developed by Google in Project Glass research and development work.

Right now the frames are not fitted with lenses. For this Google is looking for partnership with Ray Ban and Warby Parker. According to Google the structure will be modular which will be easy to attach it with normal glasses. Google glass is developed by Google X. Babak Parviz who is an electrical engineer announced in Google + about Google glass.

Although there were similar technology in the market, the OHMD of Google glass has drawn attention because of its design i.e. smaller and slimmer and also because it has been developed by Google. Google said that Explorer Edition will be available for tester and Google I/O developer in the U.S.A at a price of $1500 in the early 2013. It is also said that consumer version will be available in 2014 with less price. Pedro Guillen a Spanish doctor was the first physician who broadcast a surgery wearing Google glass. Various function and technologies like voice recognition, image-tracking etc has been tested by users.

It is said data will be received by WI-FI or tether by Blue tooth to android device in the explorer edition. This glass also have a GPS chip by which user can use voice commands .There is scrolling down option by using finger.

This glass can take photo and record 720p HD video. It also comes with the feature of touch pad on the side of the device, which allows user to explore a time like interface which is displayed on the screen. The Glass uses 4.04 or higher Android application , 640×360 display , 5-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g , blue tooth ,16 gb storage 682 MB ram , 16 GB storage and many more

The software application used is built by third-party developers. Existing application of Google are also used. Mirror API was released by Google on April 15, 2013 for the developer to make application for the glass. New application like facial recognition, photo manipulation is being developed by developers. Seven new application’s release was announced by Google on May 16, 2013.

There is an android application ‘My Glass’ which has the ability to configure and manage device.

To activate the voice action user have to angle their head upward and say “OK GLASS”. It can be also done by tapping the touch-pad. After voice activation several things can done by saying “Take a picture”, “Google ‘what year was Wikipedia founded?’”, “Give me directions to the Eiffel Tower” “Record a video” etc.

Before the release of this product two games were released named Glass Battle and Escape.

There have been several criticisms about this glass regarding about the reality of this glass. Google glass has received it’s recognition by Time magazine as “Best Inventions of the Year 2012″.