Google Glass: Google’s New Invention

Google Glass- Google’s New Invention

Google Glass: Google’s New Invention

Google glass is considered as a wearable computer. The technology used here is OHMD i.e. optical head mounted display. In OHMD technology an optical mixer is used, which is able to project images. The wearer of this glass can watch the projected images just like computer. This wearable computer has been developed by Google in Project Glass research and development work.

Right now the frames are not fitted with lenses. For this Google is looking for partnership with Ray Ban and Warby Parker. According to Google the structure will be modular which will be easy to attach it with normal glasses. Google glass is developed by Google X. Babak Parviz who is an electrical engineer announced in Google + about Google glass.

Although there were similar technology in the market, the OHMD of Google glass has drawn attention because of its design i.e. smaller and slimmer and also because it has been developed by Google. Google said that Explorer Edition will be available for tester and Google I/O developer in the U.S.A at a price of $1500 in the early 2013. It is also said that consumer version will be available in 2014 with less price. Pedro Guillen a Spanish doctor was the first physician who broadcast a surgery wearing Google glass. Various function and technologies like voice recognition, image-tracking etc has been tested by users.

It is said data will be received by WI-FI or tether by Blue tooth to android device in the explorer edition. This glass also have a GPS chip by which user can use voice commands .There is scrolling down option by using finger.

This glass can take photo and record 720p HD video. It also comes with the feature of touch pad on the side of the device, which allows user to explore a time like interface which is displayed on the screen. The Glass uses 4.04 or higher Android application , 640×360 display , 5-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g , blue tooth ,16 gb storage 682 MB ram , 16 GB storage and many more

The software application used is built by third-party developers. Existing application of Google are also used. Mirror API was released by Google on April 15, 2013 for the developer to make application for the glass. New application like facial recognition, photo manipulation is being developed by developers. Seven new application’s release was announced by Google on May 16, 2013.

There is an android application ‘My Glass’ which has the ability to configure and manage device.

To activate the voice action user have to angle their head upward and say “OK GLASS”. It can be also done by tapping the touch-pad. After voice activation several things can done by saying “Take a picture”, “Google ‘what year was Wikipedia founded?’”, “Give me directions to the Eiffel Tower” “Record a video” etc.

Before the release of this product two games were released named Glass Battle and Escape.

There have been several criticisms about this glass regarding about the reality of this glass. Google glass has received it’s recognition by Time magazine as “Best Inventions of the Year 2012″.

Most Effective Top 10 Blogging Tips

Most Effective Top 10 Blogging Tips

Blogging is a very good way for writing, sharing news and photos or art and just generally reaching out to the unnamed ranks of people visiting the internet every day in search of news and entertainment. But your writing should be very attractive. And for this we are sharing top 10 blogging tips. For your success in blogging you should maintain these top 10 blogging tips.

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Your Business will die without Content

Your Business will Die without Content

Your Business will Die without Content

That’s a bold utterance that Without Content, Your Business will die. But true.

Online visitors, your future buyers may look for quality information that’s going to help them to solve their problem. If it’s not on your website, they’ll immediately bounce off to your competitor’s website. So your Business will die without Content.

Without providing content your Business will die without Content, the end result is on your website does a bit more than to act as sort of a digital business card.

And you should not forget about Google. If you’re not giving content that Google may get, your website will get buried!

Start making content and Start to share your knowledge. Usually, if you need help with content or anything online, Article Likhi can help you! Because we know your business will die without Content.

What is Your Business will die without Content

Normally everyone on the internet try to interpret what makes a best site will say to you, ‘Content is King’ and ‘you need good content. But this is still not taken seriously enough by the most of the webmasters. What many people cannot understand is that a good content helps more than just keep your visitors interested and provide you a good site.

If you have do not your Business will die without Content good content, any other websites can link to your content and this will provide even more visitors to your site. Links to your pages will also promote your ranking on Google that counts links to your site.

The main fact for having good content remains, though, that it will create your website popular with your visitors and will give it a fine chance of surviving and doing well. So now the problem is how can you get good content on your website?

Write It Yourself

By far the cheapest way to generate content is to write content yourself. For a number of causes, though, this cannot be the easiest way to do it. To write quality content takes a lot of time and you will require a good knowledge of your subject to be able to write smartly on it. If you have the skills and time to make content, though, this is actually the best route to take. You will be guaranteed to have monopolistic content and you will know that you have copyright permit to publish it. When trying to make a lot of content, it is the best idea to set a timetable. Although this will not seem like enough at first, you will end up with a huge amount of content at the end of it. Free Webmaster Help has been blooming in this way.

Get Your Visitors to Generate It

It has got that much popularity regular recently for sites to invite their visitors to contribute. This may be in the form of user-submitted information or articles, comments and feedback from readers or even a forum discussion board. This is inexpensive to do and will save you time, but you will require quite a few visitors to make this worthwhile. The most popular and widely known website Sitepoint, has the majority of its content those were submitted by visitors. Your Business will die without Content, so is very true.

SEO Ranking Factor: The Path of Success in SEO

SEO Ranking Factor

SEO Ranking Factor: The Path of Success in SEO

It has been told that there are more than 200 Google ranking factors. While never declaring the details of their ranking algorithm, SEO rankings factors having 5 primary elements that our SEO services emphasize on each having a lot of subfactors and weights within the algorithm. These peak SEO rankings factors are included with:


A lot of people who are new to SEO think that SEO companies normally go into the code and edit keywords. Obviously SEO is much more complex than this. Code Optimization encompasses a lot of sub factors including Meta tags, website accessibility charm, positioning of things in the code, positioning of keywords within those code things, and much more.


Most search engines will not rank pages for search engine asking that do not involve the text from the asking on the page. Search engine algorithms are placing more gravity than ever on the text content on the website. If a site wishes to rank for unique keywords and phrases, it is complex that the site has readable text article with that keyword or phrase in the content.


The structure of the website is complex to achieving quarry engine rankings for two reasons. First, it is essential to make sure that your pages and article are getting indexed (consistently crawled) by the search engine spiders.

Link Popularity – Search engines weigh the vogue of your website by the amount and quality of vogue links from different websites that are linking to your site. If your site does not having competitive link vogue, it will NOT gain top ranking for keywords. We have a look at the sites that are regularly ranking for your keywords and make sure that we create in enough link popularity so that your site can stand for rankings.

Social Signals – As social networks have gained on more and more prominence, search engines have had to cop up their algorithms to consider the social graph as an SEO ranking factor.

Strategies for SEO Ranking Factors

Complete SEO rankings factors will complete all of these factors into a single cohesive idea. When the code on the website is optimistic, it must be done with the keywords that are being selected on that page (content), and the links pointing to the page must enhance that page’s authority by coming from authoritative pages and incorporating selected keywords in the anchor text.

Keyword Strategy

Choosing the right keywords is a crucial part of SEO rankings factors. Optimizing different elements of your site for major keywords may have a positive impact on your site’s rankings. Be careful of keyword density in search engine optimization when incorporating keywords into the site, and be careful to escape keyword stuffing.

Keyword Placement

Your initial keywords should be incorporated into all parts of your website is another SEO ranking factor. That means that you theme each page around an initial keyword but also theme your website a subset of initial keywords for the domain. These are all good opportunities for keyword placement.

SEO and Keyword Density

Keyword density is a very much important SEO ranking factor. While it is necessary to incorporate keywords into the text content on your pages, it is also important to avoid over optimizing with regards to keyword density. A density of 3-7% is very good for initial keywords, while secondary keywords need only have a density of 1-2%. Documents with a keyword density of 10% or more are normally thought to be using keyword stuffing, a writing process which does not only look natural, but can get your site banned from search engines. Be careful of search engine optimization services that use this process as SEO ranking factor, as they will only hurt your rankings in the future.

Choosing Keywords

In SEO ranking factor, it is essential that you carefully choose keywords for your page so that your site is most optimized for search. This portion of search engine optimization is absolutely complex, and will greatly affect your consequence. Decide on a few in dental keywords, make sure whether synonymous keywords should also be incorporated, and try to keep keyword phrases in as close proximity as possible.

This was all about SEO ranking factor. Wish it will be helpful for you.